Information for Refugees


A warm welcome to Eching am Ammersee!

Our village with 1.752 residents is located at the north shore of the Ammersee.
At the lake one can go swimming, walking and cycling. The local community also has a variety of clubs for various sports, musical and theatre activities.
Information related to our community can be found under
The numerous members of our volunteer groups are here to assist you to the best of their abilities with settling into everyday life, learning German and familiarising yourself with German culture and law to better enable you to integrate as members of our community.
On the other hand, members of our community expect you to be willing and proactive in integrating yourselves into our society.
“That includes the expectation that you respect our laws and values, as expressed by our constitution and laws, and that you integrate fully into our society on this basis, particularly by learning the German language to the point of commanding the language.”
(We have translated this from State of the Nation address by Chancellor Angela Merkel on 24.09.2015 Auszug aus der Regierungserklärung von Bundeskanzlerin Angela Merkel vom 24.09.2015)
See links below related to interesting information pertaining to your arrival in Germany, daily life, culture, language and training for integration.



Refugee Guide Guides to daily life in Germany, translated for asylum seekers into 12 languages.
Link for PCs and app for smart phones.
Multilingual guide for the first few weeks in Germany.
Multilingual dictionary with everyday phrases.
Multilingual dictionary with medical terms.
ADIA Multilingual portal for learning and information for refugees.
Mediathek This mediathek provides quick and detailed informations for refugees and helpers.
duolingo Language course for arabic speakers.
DaF German as a foreign language.
More than 5000 free worksheets for learning german, including a search engine for fast search results.
Niveau: A1 - C2
Münchner Forum
für Islam
Brochure explaining topics like greetings, Allah / God / Jehovah, education, work, history, constitutional law, equality and discrimination, environment and so forth.
ARD News Multilingual information for migrants concerning current news topics.
Health Card
The Refugee Identification Card is to assist asylum seekers with saving documentation and information for the application process in electronic format for access by both asylum seekers and relevant authorities.
Cafe 104 Café 104 deals with migrants without residents permits, therefore considered illegal migrants, being people who have little or no rights and fear being deported back to their home countries.
Multilingual information portal for refugees that is very comprehensive and informative.
Instructional video in English for prepaid SIM cards and internet access.
Telekom Telekom action: Wireless LAN hotspots currently available in arrival centres for migrants.
Vergleichsdienst Alternative to fixed Wireless LAN: mobile hotspot for (prepaid) SIM cards.
Vergleichsdienst Mobile data tarifs for mobile hotspots.
Organisation of migrant shelters that provides internet.
simyo Prepaid data tarif with 3 GB data per month.
Telekom hotspot tarifs
including St. Ottilien, BHF Geltendorf, BHF Grafrath and so forth.
Teltarif Online service to identify the best SIM card providers for international calls.
Lycamobile SIM card provider specialised in services for migrants and refugees to provide international calling services.
S-Bahn S4 Schedule of S4.
S-Bahn Live Live Schedule S-Bahn.
Bus LVG Bus Schedule
Eching: Bus 913, Bus 40 und Bus 41.
Bus Arrivals and departures at roundabout Eching.
Railway General train schedule Bavaria.